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  LiveStats is far more than a simple log analyzer. LiveStats is a fully featured, high capacity Web analytics server. It yields detailed Web insights in real-time, and generates up-to-the-minute reports in an easy-to-use Web interface.
Website Traffic Report    

The simplest way for Web Marketers, Managers, Company Executives, and Webmasters to find out how much traffic a web site attracts, who's coming to the site, where they are coming from, when do they come, and how do they find the site?

  NetAuditNow is an outsourced service providing fully customized Website Traffic Analysis Reports.  
  AccessWatch is a popular website traffic analysis tool. It is designed to be easily installed and create comprehensive reports to summarize activity on your site.  
WebTrends Log Analyzer    
  An entry-level package for any small business ready to apply insights into visitor behavior in order to improve overall site performance.  
  A hosted statistical service.  
WebStat 2.0    
  This log analysis tool was written in Perl and works best in a Unix environment.  
ABC Interactive    
  ABC Interactive (ABCi) offers independent, third party verification of online activity, providing assurance to members of the advertising community that Web site traffic and ad delivery metrics are accurately reported.  
Audit Central    
  Audit Central provides independent verification of site activity, provides assurance of ad delivery, permit buyers to make media decisions using comparable, audited reports, and provides assurance that site/ad activity is reported to industry-established standards.  
Web Marketing Info Center    
  A comprehensive list of articles and information regarding website traffic analysis.  
BellaCoola Sniffers    
  BellaCoola Sniffers are invisible pieces of code that you cut-and-paste onto your Web Pages, Ad Banners, Outgoing Links, Newsgroup Postings—just about anything you want to measure.Every time that any one of these tagged items is viewed (even if it´s cached), a time-stamped entry is immediately added to your private, password-protected, BellaCoola Sniffer Log.  
  OpenWebScope is a web statistics program, which sorts through all of the invisible information that users leave behind when visiting a website.  
WebLog Manager    
  More than just a visitor reporting tool, it offers an integrated suite of features that go beyond the passive and takes an active role in the management and flow of information on your site.    
  Allows website owners to see where visitors coming from, what are they searching for, and how are they using a website.  
Conversion Track    
  This s oftware analyzes web logs and generates professional reports on visitor's conversion ratios. Use this tool to increase the ROI of your online business by evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns including PPC keywords, banner and email advertising.    
  Link Proctor is a Search Engine Optimiztion tool that analyzes backlinks. This tool helps the user in their quest for an optimal Google page rank.